About us & our story

Charming and full of heart

Marianna puts her heart and soul into everything she does – as your host, her goal is to make every day of your stay special. Marianna and her Mühlgarten team treasure a close contact to their guests and individual guest care.

Mrs. Marianna Gatterer

Meet Marianna …

  • … at the reception where she will give you a warm welcome & is happy to answer (almost) all of your questions;
  • … at the bar for a lovely chat;
  • … in the kitchen where she likes to taste Hermann’s delicious creations herself;
  • … in the dining room in the evening, where she makes sure everything is as you wish.

Once upon a time …

… there was an old farmhouse. In the farmhouse, there lived a natural healer. He was known to cure and heal quite a few ailments with ointments and medicines made from medicinal herbs that still grow in this area today. The house stood next to a little stream with mills in a unique and tranquil position – hence its name: Mühlgarten.

The story of our Hotel Mühlgarten begins in 1979, the year it was built as a humble inn. Over the years, it has become what it is today: a hotel with authentic character & atmosphere, a harmonious connection of modern and traditional character. Feel our love for nature and for our guests in every part of our hotel – and every moment of your holiday.  

Mrs Marianna

Life is what happens today and now.
LIVE your life.

Your host Marianna Gatterer

We care about your opinion!What our guests say …

I enjoyed my stay. Thank you so much for your hospitality and service. Your hotel is very nice, and I enjoyed the wellness. Looking forward to my next stay.

Mr. K.


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Dolomiti Super Sun

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